The first undergraduate African Summer School in Climate Change and its Adaptation

Is Africa just a continent that suffers? Does Africa only wait for international aid? Does a policy on Climate Change exist in African countries? What is the current state of African science in Climate Change?… These are just some of the questions you may ask yourselves and of which you will be able to find out some answers during our school!

During the two weeks in Nairobi (Kenya), you will enjoy two inaugural courses provided by expert professors from the Institute of Climate Change and Adaptation which is based in the Faculty of Science and Technology at University of Nairobi. One challenging group-work will be proposed to mixed teams of students, African and non-African. Four Conferences and two field visits are complementing the school. You will also enjoy an introduction to East Africa history and culture, and a Kiswahili course. During your free time, you may enjoy a safari to Nairobi National Park and pay a visit to the National Museum of Kenya where you will meet our million year ancestors… and possibly stay in Kenya after the school to travel in our beautiful country!


The Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation and the Office of University Advancement & Institutional Development of University of Nairobi propose the African Summer School 2024:

  • To attract international students of quality, motivated to get a better understanding of the Climate Change in Africa
  • To help them to improve their foundations on Climate Change and develop a new set of skills and international competences
  • To develop their international network by connecting students from all continents
  • To interest students in African Universities and their capacities in Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • To raise the awareness and attractiveness of the East African region, its history and culture
  • To showcase the UoN campus facilities and local environment

The total number of students should be limited to 30-40 with the prospective targets of:

  • 15% students from Kenyan institutions
  • 35% students from African (non-Kenyan) institutions
  • 50% students from Non-African institutions

The language of instruction is English.


All students will receive a certificate of attendance to the Summer School. Upon validation of the activities, the equivalent of 3 European Credits (ECTS) will be awarded. These credits can be valued in the student home universities and certified by University of Nairobi.

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